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Students get the quintessential college experience at Indiana University Bloomington, one of America's leading research universities.


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Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus of IU's seven campuses and two regional centers statewide. Founded in 1820, IU Bloomington has a rich history and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. As a brand, IU Bloomington offers an ideal college experience, combining top-ranked academics, awe-inspiring faculty, dynamic campus life, international culture, and phenomenal music and arts events.

The campus itself is jaw-droppingly beautiful. IU Bloomington is known for its commitment to innovation, creativity, and academic freedom, with world-class contributions in research and the arts. The diverse academic programs offered at IU Bloomington are among the best in the country, with several ranking #1 and in the top 10 nationally.

The university is also renowned for its numerous achievements, with faculty, students, and alumni receiving prestigious international awards in various fields. With the top-ranked IU Jacobs School of Music and a vibrant arts scene, IU Bloomington is a mecca for music and fine arts. The campus hosts over 1,000 performances every year, showcasing talent in venues such as the grand Musical Arts Center.

IU Bloomington is not only focused on academics and the arts but also promotes a diverse and inclusive environment. The university values global experiences and offers extensive overseas study programs and philanthropic ventures. Ultimately, IU Bloomington is dedicated to championing students' dreams and providing career-focused learning experiences that prepare graduates for success.

If you're ready to embark on an unforgettable educational journey and discover where IU can take you, explore the academics and see how IU invests in your future


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