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INFRIGSA Infrigsa (Instaladora frigorífica Salmantina) es una empresa dedicada a la fabricación,  instalación y mantenimiento de sistemas de refrigeración y climatización afincada en Salamanca.


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Infrigsa is a leading company in the industrial refrigeration sector in Spain and Portugal. They specialize in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. With a focus on quality, reliability, and design, Infrigsa offers a range of services tailored to different sectors including the meat, dairy, horticulture, and fisheries industries.

For the meat sector, Infrigsa designs installations that ensure stable climate conditions, controlling temperature and humidity. In the dairy sector, they emphasize air distribution and control of temperature and humidity to support product curing. In the horticulture sector, their installations mimic the natural ripening process, automating desverdization, ripening, and conservation.

In the fisheries sector, Infrigsa provides cold storage, curing, and processing rooms. Infrigsa's team of highly qualified experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. They employ the latest technologies and the best materials in the market, backed by their own technical support.

Whether for individual or large-scale projects, Infrigsa has the expertise to meet any temperature and humidity control requirements


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