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In Kind Boxes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that curates baby shower gifts that give back.


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In Kind Boxes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit brand that specializes in curating baby shower gifts that give back. They believe that every mom deserves quality postpartum care, which is why for every gift box sold, they donate one to a mom in need. Based near Portland, Oregon, In Kind Boxes is run by volunteer moms who are passionate about helping families thrive after birth.

Their mission is to show struggling families that they're not alone and their needs matter. They provide carefully curated postpartum care boxes that include essential items for both babies and their mamas/birthing parents. In Kind Boxes aims to reduce inequalities for families and bring awareness to the lack of postpartum support in the United States.

Their unique gift boxes not only contain baby essentials but also several self-care items for the new mom/birthing parent because self-care is essential even after giving birth. These gift boxes have become a go-to baby shower gift for many, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to give a meaningful and thoughtful gift. In Kind Boxes is a nonprofit first and foremost, but they also offer their gift boxes for purchase to support their fundraising efforts.

With every gift box sold, they donate one to a family in need. Their impact so far has been significant, providing essentials to over 2,100 families since November 2019, and their work is well-regarded, as mentioned by media outlets. The brand was founded by Maria Berglund, who personally experienced the lack of postpartum support as a child raised by a single mother in need.

Inspired by the kindness she received, Maria started In Kind Boxes to pay it forward and ensure that no family goes through the same struggles alone. In Kind Boxes works with various nonprofit organizations to reach families in need, including those seeking healthcare, emotional and mental health support, safety in shelters, refugee families, NICU families, and families going through cancer. They donate gift boxes to their partners, who distribute them as needed.

Even if you're not local to In Kind Boxes, you can still nominate a family in need to receive a donated gift box. Follow In Kind Boxes on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on their mission and impact. By supporting In Kind Boxes, you can give a gift that truly gives back and help them provide quality essentials and support to families during the crucial postpartum period.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every mom and family receives the care and support they deserve


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