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At the Institute of Canine Biology, we are dedicated to studying and understanding the genetics of dogs and how it impacts their health and breeds. Through our range of courses and resources, we offer valuable insights into population genetics and its significance for dog breeds. For example, our course on Basic Population Genetics provides a comprehensive understanding of inbreeding, genetic diversity, and their effects on breeding populations.

We also offer specialized courses such as Understanding Hip & Elbow Dysplasia and Genetics of Behavior & Performance to address specific health and behavioral concerns. Through our research on the Icelandic Sheepdog breed, we have uncovered important findings. The breed has experienced a rapid increase in registrations, but unfortunately, it also suffers from significant inbreeding.

In just the first 10 years after registration, the breed lost over 50% of its genetic diversity. To save the breed from potential extinction, our experts recommend increasing the genetic diversity in the population of breeding dogs. Through advanced analytical techniques like cluster analysis, we can identify groups of genetically similar individuals and work towards preserving and improving the breed.

At the Institute of Canine Biology, we are committed to providing the knowledge and tools for responsible breeding and the long-term health of dog breeds. Join us in our mission to promote the well-being and preservation of our beloved canine companions


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