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IPER Telecom is a leading telecommunications brand that specializes in providing cost-effective solutions for businesses in Martinique. With over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry, IPER Telecom has established partnerships with local and global operators to offer the best prices to Martinican enterprises. IPER Telecom offers a range of products and services designed to help businesses reduce their communication costs.

By simply connecting your telephone system to their SIP trunk, you can start saving immediately. Alternatively, you can use their cloud-based hosted standards without any installation or hidden costs. Their rates are billed per second and cover all destinations.

One of the key services they provide is the migration of traditional telephone lines to IPER Telecom, allowing businesses to eliminate the need for expensive PBX systems. This cloud-based solution offers flexibility, reduces the reliance on critical on-site servers, and can be accessed from anywhere. With a license issued by ARCEP, the telecom regulator, IPER Telecom is a trusted operator in Martinique.

They offer the best rates for calling from company landlines to destinations worldwide, including fixed and mobile numbers in Martinique, the Caribbean, the French mainland, and elsewhere. By using IPER Telecom's IP-based infrastructure, businesses can significantly reduce their communication costs. Rather than investing in costly dedicated links, IPER Telecom collects IP traffic from your existing high-speed internet connection.

Voice communication consumes minimal bandwidth and is routed to their operational center. From there, they ensure the highest quality connections locally and globally. If you're looking to optimize your communication budget and reduce your telephone bills, IPER Telecom is the brand for you.

Their services include trunk SIP for worldwide calling, voice server optimization for process improvement, and call campaigns to reach all your contacts. Choose IPER Telecom and benefit from their personalized approach, no commitment to duration or volume, and a dedicated relationship with each client. They offer services for all types of telephone systems, including PABX and IPBX from various brands like Alcatel, Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Aastra, and Nextira.

Join IPER Telecom and start enjoying affordable and reliable telecom services in Martinique. Contact them via email or phone to discuss how they can help you reduce your telecom expenses. IPER Telecom: a registered trademark committed to providing cost-effective telephony solutions for businesses in Martinique


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