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دفتر مرکزی شرکت آیرست در ایران - بهترین و باکیفیت ترین صندلی ماساژ ایران با قیمت مناسب، شرایط اقساطی و آموزش و پشتیبانی کامل


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Asa Spaitman Medical Massage Services Company, established with private sector investments, aims to promote the health and quality of life of individuals and help them cope with the stress of modern life. To achieve this goal, they import medical massage devices and equipment from internationally renowned brands that comply with global standards. They cater to different segments of society with varying needs and incomes.

In addition to imports, they are committed to precise device installation, providing necessary and sufficient training, product warranties, and offering distinguished and exciting after-sales services, as they consider themselves responsible for the health maintenance of their customers. They believe that fair profitability combined with value creation for customers can turn them into loyal business partners and provide mutual long-term benefits. They are dedicated to hiring capable, efficient, and motivated employees who take pride in serving customers and strive to create a noticeable difference between them and other companies in the field.

The management and staff of Asa Spaitman Medical Massage Services Company have always endeavored to have a significant impact on improving the quality of life for citizens, and such an objective is impossible without the efforts of colleagues in all units


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