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Все новости Иркутска. Эксперты, блоги, интервью, аналитика, фоторепортажи. Все о жизни города.


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IRK. ru is a popular information website focused on the Irkutsk region. Since 2003, this internet-based project has been continuously developing, offering various thematic sections such as News, Weather, Events, Dining, and more.

The platform aims to provide not only information but also insights into the local happenings, explaining why things are the way they are and what the implications might be. With a daily visitor count of 80,821 and monthly views of 5,541,783 (as per September 2022 data from Yandex. Metrica), IRK.

ru serves as a reliable source of news and articles. The team behind this website prioritizes accuracy, impartiality, independence, and clarity, making sure to present different perspectives without publishing offensive or discriminatory content. From news editors to advertising specialists, the dedicated individuals at IRK.

ru work tirelessly to keep readers informed about the city and the region. Whether you're looking for job vacancies, advertising opportunities, or simply staying updated on the latest news, IRK. ru has got you covered


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