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Italian For a Day

IFD is the first app that will make you feel Italian for a day through immersive VR+VoIP experience.


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Italian For a Day is a unique and immersive brand that allows you to discover the beauty of Italy in 360 degrees. Our innovative approach combines virtual reality (VR) technology with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to bring you a truly authentic experience. With Italian For a Day, you can explore Italian cities through the eyes of their inhabitants.

Imagine going for a walk with a local friend who will guide you through the charming streets and hidden gems. Our 360° videos and VoIP virtual tours allow you to feel like you're actually there. We created Italian For a Day because we understand the fascination with Italy and its rich traditions, habits, and cultures.

We want to share the little secrets that only Italians know, giving you a taste of the country's true essence. To experience being Italian for a day, simply download our app, put on your VR headset, and let the immersive journey begin. Get ready to sip wine in Tuscan countrysides, wander through Rome's alleys, and marvel at the beauty of Vesuvio from the Bay of Naples.

Join us on this incredible adventure and discover the magic of Italy from the comfort of your own home


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