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ITDRC, also known as the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, is a trusted and respected nonprofit organization that was founded in 2008. Their mission is to provide communities with the technical resources they need to recover and continue operations after a disaster. Their services prioritize life safety, critical infrastructure, mass care, and community recovery.

The best part is that ITDRC doesn't charge for their services. They are funded through private donations and industry grants, with most of their equipment and services being donated by socially responsible corporations. They work with other nonprofits, both national giants like Team Rubicon and regional organizations like Food Banks and Social Service Agencies.

ITDRC is known for their quick response time, typically arriving within 24 hours of a disaster. The team remains deployed for 3-6 weeks to facilitate recovery resources and support. They continue to provide assistance throughout the long-term recovery process, even after the initial response team demobilizes.

One might wonder if disaster relief should be left to professionals, but ITDRC reassures us that they are both disaster and technology professionals. Their tech volunteers have extensive experience in various technologies and formal training in ICS & NIMS, as well as military, public safety, and emergency management. They have helped hundreds of communities recover from disasters and are highly respected in the field.

While there may be other organizations that provide similar services, ITDRC stands out as a volunteer-driven nonprofit that harnesses the philanthropic resources of the technology community. They offer no-cost technical assistance to communities impacted by disaster within the United States and its territories. They also collaborate with companies that have volunteer programs, making it easy for employees to participate and even providing matching donations for volunteer hours.

But ITDRC's commitment doesn't end with disaster response. They also support and participate in community events, providing technology resources for public safety exercises and community festivals. They are always looking for equipment donations, particularly enterprise-grade switching, routing, WiFi equipment, and newer notebooks, workstations, and monitors.

ITDRC has partnered with reputable companies such as AT&T, Cisco, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, among others. They are a trusted resource for local, state, and national nonprofits and emergency management agencies, and they collaborate closely with FEMA as a Tech Sector Collaboration Partner. In summary, ITDRC is an incredible organization that brings together technology professionals, volunteers, and corporate partners to provide critical technical assistance to communities impacted by disaster.

Their dedication to disaster recovery and their commitment to supporting communities in the long term sets them apart as a respected and valuable nonprofit


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