iUnit is building sustainable communities,where cutting-edge technology intersects with sustainable building practices.


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Their goal is to create sustainable and attainable communities where people can make smart living choices in their daily lives. One of the key aspects of iUnit's building process is that all of their living spaces are constructed in a controlled factory environment. This ensures that the materials used in their buildings have not been exposed to harmful elements, resulting in better air quality for their users.

Additionally, this method allows for higher efficiency and a more sustainable building process. Every iUnit floor plan is designed with the end user in mind. Despite their small square footage, these spaces are rich in design.

The kitchens feature ample storage and counter space, and barn doors add a modern and functional aesthetic. With nine-foot ceilings and large windows, natural light is maximized, and modern bathroom fixtures and finishes complete the sleek look. iUnit communities are not only smart, but also contribute to the smarter grid.

Acting as microgrids, they can produce and store energy, making the overall grid more efficient and reliable. By incorporating the latest technologies in their developments, iUnit is constantly reducing their carbon footprint and striving towards achieving Net Zero. The brand believes in empowering their community members through education and engagement.

Their iUnit app provides valuable information on how buildings affect energy efficiency, making it possible for buildings to become 10-20% more energy efficient. Join iUnit on their mission to create a smarter way to live, where sustainable communities and advanced technology intersect to create a better future. Contact them today to learn more about their communities and how you can be a part of this innovative movement


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