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Welcome to IvoryOcean. Co, the home of Artists for Oceans and aspiring ocean advocates. Our mission is to turn the tide and restore the biodiversity of the ocean.

We offer unique ocean art for you to adorn your home, and with every purchase, you contribute to active marine conservation projects. Coral reefs, the nurseries of the ocean, are in a critical state. Swept by bleaching events, these once dynamic wonderlands have transformed into silent wastelands, leaving the ocean barren.

Losing almost 20% of coral reefs in the last two decades is a terrifying statistic, and scientists predict they could be gone by 2050. This loss drastically affects the entire ocean's ecosystem, causing collapses in fish stocks and disrupting the food chain. Coastal communities that rely on reefs for food, protection, and tourism suffer devastating consequences.

We are a team of three passionate friends who share an insatiable love for the ocean. Our creative journey began in 2005 when Jocelyn and Nell started diving in the Red Sea, later being joined by Sandra. COVID allowed us to accelerate our creative passions and give birth to Ivory Ocean.

Each quarter, we collaborate with a formidable charity to create bespoke artwork inspired by their projects. We sell these pieces to support the charity and share our profits. When you shop with us, not only do you support marine conservation, but you also bring joy to your own life.

Our artwork reflects the beauty and importance of the ocean, reminding us all of its fragile state. Join us on our mission to preserve and protect our oceans. Visit our website and drop us a message at hello@ivoryocean.

co. Together, we can make a difference. Bubbles of love from Jocelyn, Sandra, and Nell


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