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Werben, Erleben, Erzählen - zukunftsfähige Markenkommunikation nimmt Ihre Adressaten umfassend in den Blick: von der klassischen Anzeige bis hin zum maßgeschneiderten Inhalt, ob bewegt, interaktiv oder als Event.


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JAHR MEDIA is a brand that specializes in creating future-oriented brand communication strategies. With a focus on reaching their target audience comprehensively, JAHR MEDIA offers a range of products and services to promote brands effectively. From traditional advertisements to tailor-made content, whether in motion, interactive, or as an event, they provide impactful solutions.

For over 50 years, JAHR MEDIA has been dedicated to creating and sharing experiences. They are an ideal partner due to their journalistic expertise, personal passion, and strong connections with readers, associations, and industry decision-makers. They strive to place your brand authentically within target audiences by offering a variety of advertising options, from traditional ads to customized content, ensuring engagement and interactivity.

With a commitment to comprehensive, credible, and multimedia-driven communication, JAHR MEDIA helps you reach your target audience across all channels. They blend their passion for their target audience with great content, making it an experience that is both informative and enjoyable. With a reach of approximately one million active hobby enthusiasts per month, JAHR MEDIA can help you effectively communicate, engage, and connect with your desired audience


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