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Jeunesse Kids is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of children worldwide.


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Jeunesse Kids is a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of children worldwide. Their mission is to empower communities to give children a brighter future. Jeunesse Kids is funded and supported by a caring community of individuals who are committed to building better tomorrows for underprivileged young people around the world.

Through their village sponsorship and local initiatives programs, Jeunesse Kids aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children globally. In their village sponsorship program, Jeunesse Kids partners with WE Charity and adopts villages in underdeveloped countries. They implement a proven international development model that addresses five areas of impact: health, education, clean water & sanitation, agriculture & food security, and income & livelihood opportunities.

By providing sustainable solutions in these areas, Jeunesse Kids helps lift communities out of poverty and into self-sustainability within five years. Jeunesse Kids also supports local charitable initiatives connected with major Jeunesse events worldwide. These initiatives focus on specific projects, such as building renovations, infrastructure development, medical treatments, and education, that yield sustainable long-term benefits.

Additionally, Jeunesse Kids has partnered with WE Charity to build the WE College School of Entrepreneurship in Kenya. This initiative aims to offer higher education to rural students, particularly young women, who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to attend college. The Jeunesse legacy project will fully fund the construction and outfitting of the college building, dormitory, library, and student lounge.

To support Jeunesse Kids' efforts, individuals can contribute in three ways: create a monthly donation, make a one-time contribution, or purchase a Rafiki bracelet or Jeunesse Kids pin, with 100% of the proceeds going towards their cause. By tracking the impact of their purchase online or at Jeunesse Kids booths, supporters can see the difference they are making in the lives of children. With Jeunesse Kids, you have the power to help children across the world have a brighter future.

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