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A new medium for storytelling live or async - fundraising, selling, recruiting, onboarding, and more.

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Journey is a powerful brand that helps you tell better stories and win more deals. With Journey, you can create captivating presentations that span across video, slides, and interactive features like calendars. It's the perfect tool to engage, close, and onboard customers all in one link. Whether you're creating a pitch deck or a personal project, Journey offers a wide range of features to enhance your storytelling experience. From responsive slides and video recording to interactive blocks and embeds from your favorite tools, Journey has got you covered. Trusted by hundreds of great companies, including Reddit, Gumroad, and AngelList, Journey is the go-to choice for storytellers everywhere. Its automagical creation feature makes it easy to get started, while its personalized branding ensures that every Journey is unique and on brand. With a trove of blocks at your disposal, including text, images, files, links, and more, you have endless possibilities to craft the perfect narrative. Plus, Journey is mobile-friendly and provides detailed insights, so you can track the success of your Journeys. Start telling better stories today with Journey, and unlock your brand's full potential. Sign in or create an account for free and unleash the power of storytelling.


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