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Детские шапочки, шапки шлемы для мальчиков и девочек от производителя Россия.


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JUMBI is a Russian brand that specializes in producing high-quality headwear, accessories, and clothing for children and parents. With a focus on providing comfort, their products are suitable for all seasons, allowing children to feel at ease while parents can stay active in any circumstances. Since 2010, JUMBI has been committed to crafting functional and technologically advanced products at affordable prices.

Their extensive range includes a wide selection of headwear and accessories, as well as limited edition clothing collections for both children and adults. Each new product undergoes rigorous testing in terms of wearing, washing, and drying before it is added to the store's inventory. JUMBI's fabrics are knitted on industrial knitting machines, undergo steam treatment, and pass through multiple stages of technical control and certification.

Founded and led by Alexandra Semenovych, a mother who knows the needs of children firsthand, JUMBI products are created with care and love. With a focus on quality, their products are made from natural materials that are comfortable and hypoallergenic. Moreover, JUMBI prides itself on attention to detail, ensuring straight stitches, perfect symmetry, and no loose threads or poorly sewn patches.

Additionally, JUMBI offers worldwide shipping and ensures prompt delivery within two days of payment. By choosing JUMBI, customers can expect products made not only by qualified professionals but also by caring moms themselves


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