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Kala is a prominent brand in the production industry, offering a wide range of services in Turkey. With expertise in commercial production, they have serviced and produced over 3500 commercials, making them a leading Production Houses in Turkey since 2002. Kala is renowned for their award-winning work on global campaigns, collaborating with top retail, fashion, beauty, travel, and luxury lifestyle brands.

What sets Kala apart is their ability to provide a full spectrum of production services for local commercials, feature films, documentaries, and TV productions. They have also produced remarkable projects for international TV and Film Companies, earning a reputation for their exceptional work. Based in Istanbul, their reach extends across all corners of Turkey, making them a preferred choice for both local and international productions.

Moreover, Kala offers a unique advantage with their global experiences, enabling them to work seamlessly across cultures. With Turkey being recognized as the cradle of civilizations and a captivating film location, Kala leverages the country's historic and breathtaking landscapes to provide the perfect backdrop for any project. Additionally, Kala Film benefits from the newly appointed 30% cash rebate offered by the Turkish Government on production costs, making it more appealing for foreign film producers.

Alongside this, Turkey offers a 18% rebate on VAT for all foreign commercial films. These financial incentives, paired with Turkey's diverse environments and cost-effective services, make it an ideal choice for filmmakers. In terms of accessibility, Turkey proves to be travel-friendly with no visa requirements for most countries and easy access through direct flights with Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member.

Moreover, they offer an extensive range of affordable yet high-quality hotels. Kala Film's English-speaking team is specifically selected and trained to work with international producers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience while filming in Turkey. With their expertise, Kala Film guarantees a productive collaboration, making them the go-to brand for any production needs in Turkey


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