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СИБУР – крупнейшая интегрированная нефтегазохимическая компания России и один из лидеров глобальной нефтегазохимии.


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SIBUR is the largest integrated oil and gas chemical company in Russia and one of the global leaders in the industry. They offer cutting-edge technological solutions and highly competitive products. One of their prominent subsidiaries is Kazanorgsintez, which is one of SIBUR's largest and rapidly developing enterprises. Kazanorgsintez is a domestic leader in the synthesis of high-density and low-density polyethylenes.

They are the only producer in Russia of polyphenylene oxide, polycarbonates, and bisphenol. Their product range includes polymers, copolymers of ethylene, polycarbonates, bisphenol, ethanamines, acetone, phenol, and polyethylene pipes. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, SIBUR strives to minimize its impact on the environment and rigorously monitors its ecological indicators. They are dedicated to transparency and provide detailed information about the air quality in the vicinity of their facilities.

SIBUR is focused on sustainable development, investing in nature conservation projects, and creating efficient environmental monitoring and management systems. By creating eco-friendly production and materials, they contribute to the well-being of society and future generations. Stay connected with SIBUR to stay up-to-date with the latest events and company achievements.


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