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Worden wie je bent! Meer informatie over onze school Jaarkalender Schoolgids Kind aanmelden Schooltijden Direct naar Jaarkalender 2022 โ€“ 2023 Kind aanmelden? Bel: 0346 562 120 Schoolgids 2021 โ€“ 2022 Schooltijden Meer informatie Uitblinken in jezelf zijn Leerlingen op De Pionier krijgen volop kansen om hun talenten te ontdekken en te verkennen, deze optimaal kunnen [โ€ฆ]


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Welcome to KBS Pionier, where we believe in becoming the best version of yourself! At our school, we provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for students to explore their talents, develop their skills, and grow into respectful and responsible individuals. Our motto is Uitblinken in jezelf zijn! (Excel in being yourself!) We value the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that every student, teacher, and parent feels heard and supported. We encourage our students to discover their own unique path and embrace their individuality, as we believe that differences should be celebrated.

Our goal is to help them become confident, self-aware, and independent learners. We understand that everyone learns in their own way, which is why we tailor our teaching approach to meet the needs of each student. By doing this, we empower them to develop self-confidence, self-knowledge, and autonomy.

Communication and collaboration are essential skills in today's society, and we strive to cultivate these abilities in our students. We encourage them to be their authentic selves and express their ideas confidently. What sets KBS Pionier apart is our commitment to providing a high-quality and challenging education for all.

We offer a strong foundation in core subjects and prioritize the development of cultural, creative, personal, and physical skills. Additionally, we have a specialized program for gifted and talented students. Our individualized approach ensures that each child is engaged, motivated, and thriving.

If you would like to learn more about our school, please explore our website and check out our year calendar. We look forward to helping your child become the best version of themselves!


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