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Vi är det borgerliga ungdomsförbundet till höger och Sveriges främsta organisation när det kommer till att bedriva kampanjer för personlig frihet, socialt ansvar, starkare familjer och ett tryggare Sverige.


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KDU Sverige, also known as the Kristdemokratiska Ungdomsförbundet, has been a prominent force in Swedish politics for over 50 years. With a focus on personal freedom, social responsibility, stronger families, and a safer Sweden, KDU advocates for building society from the ground up, prioritizing individual people and families, and basing policies on natural rights. They also believe in social market economics and understand that political freedom cannot exist without economic freedom.

KDU offers various products and services to promote their cause. Membership in KDU is free, but they value and rely on active engagement from their members. By becoming a member and participating in KDU, individuals can have a direct impact on local, national, and global politics.

Additionally, supporters can show their endorsement digitally by liking, following, and interacting with KDU on social media. KDU focuses on several important policy areas, such as law and order, the job market, and the environment. They believe in providing alternatives to the current challenges Sweden faces, tackling issues such as crime, unemployment, and climate change.

By advocating for their policies, KDU aims to create a freer and safer Sweden where everyone can have a decent life, regardless of their location


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