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Kettle Collective is a Multi Award Winning Architecture Practice led by Tony Kettle.


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Kettle Collective is a renowned, award-winning architecture practice led by Tony Kettle. With design studios in Edinburgh and Dubai, this international team of architects and design specialists has a global reach and local representation across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Founded in 2012 by Tony Kettle and Colin Bone, their mission is to create spaces that have meaningful narratives and a true sense of place and purpose.

Kettle Collective's projects are more than just architectural feats. They aim to commemorate the stories of the communities they represent, delivering sustainable buildings, singular landmarks, and collections of buildings that work harmoniously together. Using advanced building information modelling techniques, they bring virtual narratives to life, allowing you to visualize your future building from the very beginning.

The team at Kettle Collective values collaboration and each member makes a personal contribution, bringing exceptional value to the design process. They seek to understand the underlying culture and key elements that influence design, drawing inspiration from nature and mathematics. With over 25 years of global experience and a close partnership with engineers and local advisors, they can create bespoke, innovative, and sustainable buildings that celebrate the places they represent.

Kettle Collective prioritizes sustainable design practices, looking to global cultures and nature's solutions to reduce environmental impact and enhance user experience. Their curiosity and dedication to thinking differently has led to a portfolio of world-renowned designs that make a positive impact on the world we live in. When working with Kettle Collective, expect cutting-edge technology, unique architectural designs, and a commitment to creating something fresh and different for every project.

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