Killed So Far


A real-time counter showing the number of animals killed so far (22,294,059,282) this year for food.


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Killed So Far is a brand that aims to raise awareness about the staggering number of animals killed for food. With a real-time counter displayed prominently on their website, the brand seeks to inform users about the current number of animals killed so far this year, a shocking 39,188,919,677. This counter serves as a powerful reminder of the impact our food choices have on animal lives.

Killed So Far provides valuable statistics on the global scale of animal slaughter, including specific numbers for chickens, turkeys, cattle, ducks, sheep, pigs, and sea life. Through this information, the brand highlights the sheer magnitude of such practices, ultimately encouraging individuals to reflect on their consumption patterns and consider more sustainable alternatives. By offering this eye-opening data, Killed So Far aims to start conversations and prompt individuals to make more conscious choices about their diets.

Together, we can reduce these alarming numbers and create a more compassionate world for animals. Join the movement and stay informed with Killed So Far


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