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Kindbot is a brand that focuses on creating easy-to-use and accessible cannabis cultivation tools for growers of all levels. Powered by AI, their state-of-the-art deep learning technology extracts valuable insights, allowing machines to garden like master growers. Whether you have a small tent or operate a large greenhouse, Kindbot has designed their tools to be accessible for any type of grower. Their tech is available in simple and familiar web apps, mobile apps, APIs, and IoT devices.

For all growers, Kindbot offers the Kindbot Buddy, a plant diagnosis engine. By simply uploading an image of your plant, you can receive instant feedback, useful resources, and recommendations to solve common cannabis issues. The Buddy is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing you to diagnose your grow in real-time on the go. For home growers, Kindbot provides an environmental controller that measures plant health using computer vision and logs environmental sensor data.

It then uses advanced RL models to adaptively control appliances with smart plugs, maintaining ideal conditions for your plants and notifying you when a human touch is needed. For commercial growers, the Buddy API offers a plant diagnosis service for large scale operations. By submitting batches of images, growers can quickly assess plant conditions and monitor crop health using Kindbot's cannabis diagnosis models. With their team of experienced technologists, Kindbot is committed to simplifying cannabis cultivation and helping growers achieve quality results.


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