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Her kan du finde information om borgerservice, pasning og skole, jobsøgning og ledighed, byggeri og bolig, parkering, sundhed og sygdom og meget mere.


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Københavns Kommune is a brand that offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. As the official website of the municipality, it provides information and assistance in various areas such as citizen services, education, housing, and employment. For citizens, the website offers information on waste disposal and environmental concerns, including recycling and how to handle noisy situations.

It also provides details on housing and construction, including permits and support for building projects. Citizens can find answers to questions about passports, driver's licenses, and pensions, as well as schedule appointments for various services. The website also offers resources for individuals with disabilities, providing support and assistance for those living with physical or mental disabilities.

For jobseekers and the unemployed, there is information about job centers and how to apply for financial assistance. Additionally, the website provides information on parking, traffic, and road conditions, including permits and safety measures. Parents can find information regarding childcare, schools, and recreational activities for their children.

There are also resources available for healthcare, including information on health cards, medical appointments, and specific health issues such as dental care and diabetes. Furthermore, the website offers details on educational opportunities for young people, specialized adult education, and Danish language courses. The brand also caters to vulnerable children, young people, and families who may require extra support and assistance in their daily lives.

There are programs and services available for vulnerable adults, including those in need of social psychiatric assistance, homelessness, and housing loans. Moreover, the website provides information on services for the elderly, including home care, nursing homes, and housing options. It also offers details on assistive devices and activities for older adults.

Overall, Københavns Kommune is a comprehensive brand that aims to meet the diverse needs of its citizens by offering a wide range of products and services to enhance their quality of life


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