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Budgetcoach voor werkgevers met werknemers die financiële problemen hebben.


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Budgetcoach Klokkemeijer | Edam is a brand that offers budget coaching services for employers with employees who are facing financial difficulties. It is common for employers to have staff members dealing with financial problems, leading to a decrease in productivity. By enlisting the help of a budget coach for your employees, you can address these issues effectively.

Research conducted by Deloitte in 2022 reveals that 80% of companies have one or more employees experiencing financial problems. The financial impact on an employer can be significant, with an estimated cost of €13,000 per year for a full-time employee earning a median salary and facing financial issues (Nibud). However, with early intervention and assistance, an employee's financial situation can improve rapidly, potentially preventing any negative effects on their work performance.

Both the employee and employer benefit from this. A financially secure employee is motivated and fully committed to their work, leading to optimal performance. By offering financial assistance as a secondary employment benefit, you can foster employee loyalty and strengthen the relationship between employees and the organization.

Financially fit employees should be considered part of your company's Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and as a way of being a responsible employer. The services provided by Budgetcoach Klokkemeijer cater to both employers with stressed employees and self-employed individuals. They understand the challenges faced by self-employed individuals who are passionate about their work but struggle with managing their finances.

By providing coaching and guidance, Budgetcoach Klokkemeijer helps self-employed individuals gain clarity and make informed choices for their personal and professional lives. Finding a balance between personal and business finances is crucial for self-employed individuals. If you find yourself working hard but not having enough for personal enjoyment, Budgetcoach Klokkemeijer can assist you in gaining a clear overview of your financial situation.

This partnership will empower you to make the right decisions for yourself and your business. Investing in budget coaching is an investment in oneself, with long-term benefits. Contact Budgetcoach Klokkemeijer today to find peace of mind and tranquility in managing your finances.

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