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adaptive musical instruments for people with disabilities


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Kodaly is a brand that specializes in creating adaptive musical instruments for people with disabilities. One of their innovative products is Kibo, a MIDI bluetooth musical instrument made of solid maple wood. The Kibo keyboard features a modular design with eight distinct, easy-to-recognize magnetic shapes that control different musical parameters.

With Kibo, users can insert or extract modules to combine musical loops and activate or silence parts of an arrangement. Percussion functionality allows for playing melodies, rhythms, and composing chords like a traditional instrument. The magnetic shapes can also be stacked and used as a tangible score, determining the playlist of musical loops.

Kibo's keyboard is equipped with an eight-voice polyphonic system and highly sensitive keys that respond to varying pressures, allowing for expressive playing from soft to loud. By assigning musical meanings to the shapes, Kibo introduces an alternative notation system that simplifies the instrument's use for users with special needs, children, and those without musical skills. To translate interactions into music, Kibo comes with a dedicated App that allows users to define parameters such as tune, scale, sound, and octave.

It also integrates multiplayer features for coordinating group sessions with a single mobile device, enabling simple and intuitive remote collaboration anywhere in the world. Kodaly's Kibo offers a range of technical details, such as its wooden MIDI BLE controller with removable pads, compatibility with various operating systems, 15 meters of Bluetooth range, and up to 40 hours of battery life. The package includes the Kodaly App for iOS, providing a comprehensive musical experience.

Choose Kodaly for their adaptive musical instruments and embrace a new world of inclusive music-making


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