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Christelijke Basisschool Het Kompas is a Protestant Christian primary school that welcomes anyone who identifies with our way of life and work. Our goal is to prepare our students for the future by not only teaching them the basic subjects but also by instilling skills such as teamwork, planning, self-direction, and digital literacy. We aim to motivate them to learn and foster an active and independent work ethic.

At our school, children also learn how to make decisions together, resolve conflicts, feel responsible for one another and for the community, and embrace the differences among individuals. We follow the principles of the Peaceful School program to achieve these objectives. Additionally, as a Language Satellite School, we provide excellent support for children with language development disorders, benefiting all our students.

We highly value parental involvement, encouraging parents to participate, share their thoughts, and assist as needed. Our commitment to creating a rich learning and living environment is evident in our partnership with other organizations as a Broad School, and in the development of our beautiful, green, and stimulating schoolyard. If you seek a forward-thinking school that values each child's development and respects others, visit our website for more information about our school and educational approach.

You can also find our school guide (available for download) and schedule a visit to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you! Please note that this is a generated response and we recommend reviewing and revising it to ensure it accurately reflects the brand and services offered


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