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Energiekonzepte für Mensch und Umwelt - Regionales Kohlenstoff Recycling in einem hybriden Bioenergiewerk


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KSW Bioenergie GmbH is an innovative brand dedicated to creating energy concepts that benefit both people and the environment. With a focus on regional carbon recycling, they operate a hybrid bioenergy plant that offers a range of products and services. Their patented KSW-Verfahren® (KSW process) enables the decentralized generation of electricity, heat, cold, and biofuels from various biogenic residues, waste materials, and non-food biomass.

This two-stage thermochemical process covers the entire workflow, from material acceptance and processing to energy production and distribution. KSW Bioenergie GmbH also produces electricity as the main product in their decentralized bioenergy plants, alongside heat and cold. They have developed a unique hybrid energy plant that combines a power plant and a biorefinery, making it the only one of its kind worldwide.

With a commitment to sustainability, KSW Bioenergie GmbH offers climate-neutral and sustainable products. Their projects are not only environmentally friendly but also provide attractive and promising investment opportunities. By adhering to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investment criteria, these projects offer a remarkable risk-to-profit ratio.

For more information about their products, services, and investment opportunities, visit the KSW Bioenergie GmbH website or contact them directly through the provided contact details


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