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Kollel Torah MiTzion Montreal is an educational centre with a special atmosphere where all Jews can feel comfortable to pursue Jewish learning at their own pace.


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Kollel Torah MiTzion Montreal | Côte Saint is a brand that brings Israeli warmth and Jewish learning to Canada. They strive to create a special place where all Jews can feel comfortable pursuing their Jewish education at their own pace. Housed in the Lieberman Beit Midrash of Hebrew Academy, the Kollel resonates with the sounds of Torah learning day and night. As part of the Torah MiTzion network, they are transforming Jewish education worldwide. Their shlichim, or emissaries, travel from Israel to live and work in Jewish communities across the globe, serving as a vital link between Israel and the Diaspora. With a focus on both Torah li’Shma (Torah for its own sake) and Torah l’Maaseh (Torah for the sake of doing), Kollel Torah MiTzion Montreal offers lectures, programs, classes, and study partners for men, women, and students of all ages and backgrounds. Committed to combating assimilation and division in the Jewish world, KTM reinforces Jewish identity and reestablishes connections between Jews everywhere. They work closely with students in day schools and communities to build the Jewish leadership of tomorrow. Through their dedication to Torah study, they aim to ensure that every Jew has access to the depth of Jewish knowledge and propel the Jewish people forward. Meet their passionate team, led by Rav Eitan and Shifra Maazari, who are graduates of Hesder Yeshivot in Israel.


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