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Die Kuhse Energy Group ist Ihr Spezialist für hochverfügbare, sichere Steuerungs-, Automatisierungs- und Feuerungstechnik in der dezentralen Energieerzeugung.


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The Kuhse Energy Group is a specialist brand that specializes in reliable, secure control, automation, and combustion technology in decentralized energy generation. They offer comprehensive solutions for both traditional and complex control systems, as well as process control technology in power supply backup applications and power plants. Their products are tailored to meet the current challenges in the energy market and provide future-proof solutions.

The Kuhse Energy Group comprises several companies that focus on different aspects of the energy industry. This includes M&S Combustion Technologies GmbH, which offers innovative and dependable combustion systems for power plants and industrial boilers. Kuhse Secure Systems GmbH provides cyber secure digital solutions and remote services for critical infrastructures, safeguarding control systems against cyber threats.

Kuhse Power Solutions GmbH specializes in complex and highly available control systems and process control technology for power plants, turbine systems, exhaust gas firing systems, and hybrid plants. The Kuhse Energy Group also excels in the field of industrial combustion technology, offering a wide range of services for power plants, industrial boilers, and thermal process plants. They provide high-performance combustion systems that comply with current regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, the Kuhse Energy Group is a reliable and innovative brand that offers advanced solutions for control, automation, and combustion technology in decentralized energy generation


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