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Empowering today's generation of children through entertainment Stories and characters fundamentally change and reaffirm how children see themselves in the world.


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Kukua is a brand on a mission to empower the children of the 21st century. They believe in providing kids with the skills and capacity to dream beyond what they think is possible, and to imagine and create a better world. Kukua achieves this by blurring the lines between education and entertainment. Their offerings include inspiring and storytelling-driven content, games, toys, and experiences for children and their families.

Their flagship franchise, SUPER SEMA, is designed to empower kids. Kukua revolves around five key pillars: storytelling and entertainment, learning and empowerment, diversity and inclusion, unplugging to create, and technology media. They believe in the power of storytelling to transform learning into a powerful, engaging experience. They also focus on making educational experiences fun and entertaining, supporting children's informal learning.

Additionally, Kukua aims to embrace cultural diversity in their storytelling and characters, and they encourage children to take what they've learned from their content and apply it to real-life situations, fostering creativity and innovation. With an eye towards the future, Kukua utilizes technology to enhance children's learning and entertainment. They envision a world where augmented reality, immersive experiences, and interactive theme parks inspire children to think big and imagine a better world. Overall, Kukua is dedicated to empowering children in the 21st century through the fusion of education and entertainment, encouraging them to dream, learn, and create.


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