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We develop, manufacture and trade professional laser light show systems, laser display accessories and laser modules.


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KVANT is a leading brand in laser technology, offering a wide range of laser display systems and accessories. With nearly 30 years of experience, KVANT has established itself as one of the best in the industry, with some of the world's biggest entertainers and brands using their lasers in their shows. The brand offers laser systems for various applications and venues.

For nightclubs, smaller venues, mobile DJs, and weddings, KVANT provides lasers with outputs ranging from 2-7W, reaching up to 200 meters. For large indoor venues, super-clubs, and corporate shows, their lasers have outputs of 2-24W, reaching up to 800 meters. For large festivals, concert arenas, and fireworks displays, KVANT offers lasers with outputs of 24-270W, reaching up to 5 kilometers.

They also provide architectural and sky lasers with outputs up to 900W, reaching up to 10 kilometers, as well as lasers for outdoor advertising and signage with outputs of 3-40W, reaching up to 2 kilometers. Additionally, KVANT offers ultra HD laser graphics, low-budget lasers for consumers and semipros, and a range of accessories including control hardware, software, safety brackets, lenses, and more. What sets KVANT apart is their commitment to excellence.

They constantly push the boundaries of laser technology and continuously improve their products. With a team of experts and European-made products, KVANT ensures reliability and performance. Their lasers have been tried, tested, and proven in various venues and shows, earning the trust of leading companies and entertainers worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience and innovation, KVANT is a trusted choice for those who want to produce exceptional laser shows. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is backed by a reliable customer support team. By choosing KVANT, you can count on top-notch products, backed by years of experience and proven results.

Explore their gallery and references to see the impact of their lasers for yourself. In KVANT's nearly 30 years of operation, they have achieved numerous milestones. Starting as a small business making laser teaching aids, they quickly expanded into laser shows and gained recognition for their exceptional performances.

Over the years, they have invested in cutting-edge technology, developed partnerships, won awards, and continued to improve their products. With each step, KVANT has solidified their position as a leading brand in laser technology. Looking forward, KVANT remains committed to their mission of producing the best lasers with the best people.

They aim to continue pushing the boundaries of laser technology, crafting extraordinary products, and delivering the very best shows. With a new building and a modernized product range, KVANT is ready to tackle the future and keep improving their already impressive lineup of laser display systems and accessories


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