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Keizankai is a renowned brand that has established a comprehensive system spanning healthcare and vocational schools to address society's diverse needs. With a long-term vision, Keizankai consistently constructs a system that responds to the overall demands of the community, providing benefits that only a group can offer. At the heart of Keizankai is the integration of medical institutions and vocational schools to implement education. Led by Chairman Yasumitsu Ugai, Keizankai has been contributing to the fields of healthcare, caregiving, and education for over 50 years.

Their commitment is evident through their various facilities such as Ugaikai Hospital, Ugaikai Rehabilitation Hospital, Okumura Nursing Home, Waka-miya Clinic, and Daimon Visiting Nursing Station. Additionally, they have established reputable schools like Chubu Rehabilitation Vocational School and Chubu Nursing Vocational School, providing education that emphasizes independence and integrity. The ultimate goal of the Keizankai Group, led by President Atsuko Ugai, is to contribute to the welfare of the community by producing graduates who possess extensive knowledge and skills for the well-being of the elderly and individuals with disabilities.


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