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Center for Large Landscape Conservation

The Center is the hub of a growing global movement to reverse the fragmentation of the earth’s landscapes and restore nature’s resilience to climate change.


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The Center for Large Landscape Conservation is at the forefront of a global movement to reverse the fragmentation of landscapes and restore nature's resilience to climate change. With over half of the Earth developed, the natural processes that sustain life are being disrupted, putting human health, species survival, and the planet's ability to withstand climate change at risk. The Center's mission is to reconnect and restore these landscapes through collaboration with experts, practitioners, and local communities. They develop science, craft policies, and support planning for over 2,000 community-based conservation efforts worldwide.

By working with communities, they help achieve climate adaptation plans and impact assessments in a culturally-informed way. They also lead science and research projects to address on-the-ground needs, such as helping planners track wildlife movement and protecting vital landscapes. Additionally, the Center promotes policies and laws that advance connectivity conservation and brings diverse groups together to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing. They emphasize the importance of community resilience, science and research, policy and law, and mentorship and networking to achieve large-scale landscape conservation.

To support their work, they have created a toolkit to assist eligible applicants and partners in understanding and taking advantage of funding and policy opportunities, such as the Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program. By preserving and restoring large landscapes, the Center for Large Landscape Conservation is safeguarding our natural world and ensuring the survival and quality of life for future generations. Join them in their mission to reconnect our natural world and make a positive impact on the planet.


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