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Life By Design SL | Freetown is an Integrated Marketing, Communications, and Enterprise Development Agency. We are committed to driving social impact and positive behavioral change through effective communication campaigns. Whether you need to empower communities, expand your customer base, or overcome fierce competition, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our diverse portfolio includes working with Government Agencies, NGOs, and Change Makers to deliver impactful campaigns that build resilience within communities. Additionally, we have a strong reputation for supporting SMEs from startup to growth, providing guidance and strategic assistance. As a significant investor in Sierra Leone, our cornerstone investor is Truestone Impact Investment Management Limited.

They are known for their impact investment initiatives such as ACTB Savings and Loans and iDT Labs. We were honored in 2017 with the All Works of Life Indigenous Business of the Year Award. In early 2021, we strategically partnered with inkeemedia, bolstering our branding and UI/UX design and development capabilities.

This partnership has positioned us as the potential leading marketing and branding agency in Sierra Leone. For seamless customer relations management, we offer iDT Labs CRM, a comprehensive solution with a complete database for accounting, prospects, and projects. Additionally, our Reporting & Analysis tool provides customized data visualization, catering to your specific business or institutional needs.

Contact us today to experience the difference of working with Life By Design SL | Freetown, where results truly matter


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