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We help executives through their career transition, providing market research, personal branding - such as CV/board bio, Linkedin and elevator pitch creation, along with and peer to peer networking.


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LeadershipTransition is a brand that specializes in helping executives navigate their career transitions with confidence and clarity. With a team of experienced professionals, including Alice Bradley, Chief Transition Officer, and Mark Hamill, Founder/CEO, the brand is committed to supporting executives throughout their journey. Drawing on decades of combined experience in Executive Search, LeadershipTransition understands the power of teamwork and collaboration.

They take a personalized approach, utilizing each team member's unique strengths to provide comprehensive support. This collaborative approach empowers executives to regain control during what can be an emotional and challenging period. In addition to their expertise in Executive Search, LeadershipTransition offers services such as Market Intelligence, Personal Branding, CEO Fitness, Executive Coaching, Transition Tribes, Lifestyle Transition, and Events.

This diverse range of services ensures that executives have all the necessary tools and resources at their disposal to successfully navigate their career transition. Clients have praised LeadershipTransition's commitment and expertise in testimonials, with one client specifically mentioning the positive impact they had on his personal branding and career goals. Through their comprehensive services and personalized approach, LeadershipTransition is dedicated to helping executives find fulfillment and success in their career transitions


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