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About leafo.net


Leafo. net is a brand dedicated to programming, with Leaf as the talented programmer behind it. If you ever need to get in touch, simply send an email.

Leafo. net offers various products and services that cater to the programming community. Their recent releases include web_sanitize v1.

5. 0, which provides strict self-closing tag parsing, and lua-openai v1. 0.

0, which offers OpenAI API bindings for Lua. Additionally, they have introduced lapis v1. 14.

0, a web framework for Lua and OpenResty written in MoonScript, as well as lapis-community v1. 44. 1, which enables finer control of posting permissions.

Leafo. net also provides informative guides on topics such as testing Lua projects with GitHub Actions, calculating percentile in PostgreSQL, and using NGINX reverse proxy to self PostgreSQL Preloading. They also offer projects like sightreading.

training, a tool for learning sheet music; streak. club, a platform for creative streaks; and Lapis, a web framework for MoonScript & OpenResty. Check out their posts on various topics like coroutines, introducing Streak Club, and their Nginx image processing server.

Leafo. net is a brand that values creativity and collaboration, as shown by their friends Adit and Amos. Explore the fascinating games Leaf has created for Ludum Dare, a game-making competition.

Some of the notable titles include Glasses Simulator 2k, Badius, Wallrun Dot Love, and Fish Deluxe. Even though their main focus is programming, Leaf is also passionate about music and has been trying to learn how to compose. With a vast array of resources and interesting projects, Leafo.

net is an invaluable brand for programmers and enthusiasts alike. Connect with Leafo. net and join their thriving community of developers and creators today


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