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libheros est une société en e-santé spécialisée dans l'intervention en tous lieux de professionnels de santé qualifiés, de la prévention aux soins.


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Libheros is a leading e-health company specializing in providing qualified healthcare professionals for interventions in various locations, ranging from prevention to treatment. They aim to facilitate access to healthcare and promote well-being for everyone. With a strong focus on partnerships with businesses, healthcare establishments, pharmaceutical laboratories, and banks/insurance companies, Libheros offers a range of tailored services.

For partners, such as businesses, healthcare establishments, and pharmaceutical laboratories, Libheros organizes turnkey health prevention campaigns, facilitates secure patient care, provides nursing support, and assists with comprehensive patient management. Additionally, they offer decentralized clinical trial programs. For banks and insurance companies, Libheros provides support to employees or beneficiaries in their healthcare journeys, whether they require occasional or long-term assistance.

Patients and caregivers can benefit from Libheros' platform, which enables them to find qualified healthcare professionals for home care services, specific care pathways, and various home services such as medical equipment, medication delivery, and transportation arrangements. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, and hospital references, can join Libheros' community to expand their practice and manage their schedules efficiently. Founded in 2017 by Florence HERRY, a nurse, Libheros is driven by a shared goal to serve patients anywhere and improve the daily lives of independent healthcare professionals.

They achieve this through their secure digital solutions and by supporting various healthcare actors in strengthening their roles in prevention and health management. Libheros' commitment lies in serving patients wherever they are, enhancing the lives of independent healthcare professionals, and assisting healthcare actors in reinforcing their actions. With their dedicated team, extensive network of healthcare professionals, and innovative tools, Libheros is revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and delivery


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