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Lidl Slovensko is a subsidiary of Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, a global discount supermarket chain headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany. Lidl Slovensko operates in Slovakia and is one of the leading retailers in the country.

Lidl Slovensko was established in 2003 when the first Lidl store opened in Slovakia. Since then, the company has been rapidly expanding its presence throughout the country. Currently, there are over 200 Lidl stores across Slovakia, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The headquarters of Lidl Slovensko is located in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. From this central location, the company manages its operations and strategic decisions. The efficient operation of the headquarters is crucial in ensuring smooth coordination across the entire Lidl network in Slovakia.

Lidl Slovensko offers a diverse range of products, including grocery items, fresh produce, household essentials, clothing, electronics, and home goods. The company focuses on delivering quality products at affordable prices, appealing to budget-conscious consumers. On a global scale, Lidl Stiftung & Co.

KG operates in over 30 countries, with approximately 11,200 stores worldwide. Lidl has established noteworthy partnerships and joint ventures with various suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a steady supply of products. Its subsidiaries include Kaufland, a hypermarket chain, and Preol, an oil company.

Lidl has positioned itself as a strong competitor in the global retail industry. It has gained recognition for its efficient logistics, streamlined operations, and competitive pricing strategies. Lidl's global sales have consistently grown, making it one of the largest discount supermarket chains worldwide.

In terms of major events or achievements, Lidl received various industry awards for its outstanding efforts in sustainability, employee development, and customer satisfaction. The company also regularly expands and updates its product lineup, adding new items to meet changing consumer demands. As of the latest available information, Lidl Slovensko continues to expand its presence in Slovakia, opening new stores and further strengthening its market position.

The company remains committed to its core values of quality, value, and customer satisfaction while offering a convenient shopping experience for the Slovakian population


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