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Life Robotics is a leading company in the field of collaborative robots. With the aim of eliminating the concept of labor shortage, Life Robotics provides the ultimate solution to connect humanity to further development. In a world where labor shortage is becoming a global issue, their innovative CORO® robotic arms perform repetitive and simple tasks, allowing humans to focus on high-value-added work.

This enables the construction of a society where productivity is improved while labor shortage is resolved. Life Robotics is the only company in the world that offers collaborative robots without elbows, making them unique in the market. In addition to their cutting-edge products, Life Robotics also provides a range of services, including product information, case studies, specifications, news, media coverage, press releases, and a company blog.

This ensures that customers are fully informed about the latest developments and the potential applications of their collaborative robots. With a commitment to transforming the future of work, Life Robotics is at the forefront of innovation in the robotics industry


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