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L&T Electrical & Automation offers a range of products, solutions & services for electricity distribution and control, across various sectors: Industries, Utilities, Buildings, Residences, Marine & Agriculture.


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L&T Electrical & Automation is a brand that specializes in control and distribution of electricity across various domains. At their blog, they provide valuable updates on technology changes, trends, and new applications in this field for humans, machines, equipment, and gadgets. With a focus on delivering power quality solutions, they start their series with technical articles on the need for such solutions.

L&T Electrical & Automation offers a wide range of products and services to cater to different needs. Their products include switchgear, control and automation solutions, electrical projects, and power capacitors. They also provide various services such as training programs and solutions for buildings, industries, agriculture, residential areas, and utilities.

Through their international operations and partnerships with companies like Kana Controls, LTEASA, TAMCO, and Henikwon Corporation, L&T Electrical & Automation ensures a global presence and a comprehensive range of offerings. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, they have earned numerous awards and accolades. For all your electrical and automation needs, L&T Electrical & Automation is the trusted brand to rely on


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