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LOHR | Hangenbieten is a French company with its headquarters in Hangenbieten, France. It was founded in 1963 by Robert Lohr and is engaged in the design, production, and marketing of transportation systems and equipment, primarily focusing on road transport solutions. The company's main product line includes various types of transport vehicles, with a specialization in car carrier trailers, semi-trailers, and truck bodies.

These products are designed to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry and are known for their quality, reliability, and innovative features. In terms of global operations, LOHR | Hangenbieten has a strong presence in Europe, particularly in France, Germany, and Spain. The company has also expanded its reach to other continents, including North America, Asia, and South America, through strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and subsidiaries.

One of the notable partnerships is the joint venture between LOHR | Hangenbieten and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) to manufacture and commercialize the Translohr tramway system. This partnership has significantly contributed to the company's global growth and market penetration in the light rail transportation sector. LOHR | Hangenbieten holds a prominent position in the market, particularly in the car carrier trailer segment, where it is considered one of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

The company's innovative solutions and customer-centric approach have helped it gain a strong foothold in the industry and maintain a competitive edge over its rivals. Over the years, LOHR | Hangenbieten has achieved several milestones and received recognition for its contributions to the transportation sector. The company has continuously evolved its product lineup and strategy to adapt to the changing market demands and technological advancements.

Notably, it has introduced eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to promote sustainability in the automotive logistics sector. As for the current status, LOHR | Hangenbieten continues to expand its global footprint and strengthen its position in the market. The company remains committed to providing innovative and reliable transport solutions to its customers worldwide.

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