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Lamrin has been recognised as a University “of” the industry, “for” the industry, and “by” the industry.


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Lamrin Tech Skills University (LTSU) is a leading industry-oriented university in India, recognized as "of," "for," and "by" the industry. Through partnerships with global tech giants like IBM, TATA, and Ansys, LTSU offers a unique academic and skilling framework that aims to make India a leader in the skill-based workforce supply chain worldwide. LTSU provides a wide range of programs through its various schools, including Engineering, Commerce and Management, Real Estate, Polytechnic, Legal Studies, Education, Pharmaceutical and Sciences, Languages and Communication, Hotel and Tourism Management, and the prestigious Lamrin School of Business.

Additionally, LTSU has collaborations with globally recognized universities, ensuring that students receive top-notch training from expert faculty in international standards of technology. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, catering to adult and continuing students in various academic and professional fields. With a focus on skill development and employability, LTSU equips students with critical knowledge and hands-on training to meet the demands of the industry.

Whether you are a school leaver or looking to upscale yourself for a skill-based occupation, LTSU's integrated technical vocational training model will make you employable and provide a smooth ascent up the career ladder. Financial aid options are available to support students, and the university offers a flexible online education program for those seeking convenient access to quality education. Experience the harmony of nature and technology at LTSU, where you can pursue your dreams and launch a global career.

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