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Lukarn is a leading brand specializing in the distribution, production, and co-production of TV programs in France and internationally. With a diverse range of offerings, Lukarn caters to various genres including documentaries, live show recordings, youth programs, and short films. Their objective is to provide engaging and informative content that captivates audiences of all ages.

Lukarn stands out for their thought-provoking documentaries like Binettes contre anxiolytiques, exploring the physiological and psychological benefits of connecting with nature. Another documentary, SUR LA PISTE DU LYNX, delves into the challenges and coexistence of the lynx species with humans. Additionally, Lukarn sheds light on unique communities, such as LES MENNONITES, revealing the traditions and struggles faced by this religious sect in their battle against modernity.

They also showcase the restoration of the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique in GORONGOSA, le parc de la réconciliation, highlighting its significance in preserving wildlife and reviving surrounding communities. With Lukarn's intriguing documentaries like Les pharaons perdus de Tanis and Les derniers secrets du Sphinx de Gizeh, viewers can immerse themselves in the mysteries and wonders of ancient history. Moreover, Akhenaton, les secrets du pharaon oublié uncovers a lost city buried beneath the sands near the Valley of the Kings.

During these challenging times, Lukarn remains committed to providing quality programming, even offering remote assistance to help you find the programs you're looking for. Contact them via email at sandrine. frantz@lukarn.

fr and take care of yourselves. Discover a world of captivating content with Lukarn!


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