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Luminopia is the first FDA-approved binocular therapy for amblyopia.


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Luminopia is a groundbreaking brand that offers the first FDA-approved* binocular therapy for amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. With the aim of revolutionizing amblyopia treatment, Luminopia provides a simple, engaging, and effective solution that eliminates the need for eye patches and eye drops. By leveraging the power of virtual reality (VR) technology, Luminopia allows children to watch their favorite TV shows and movies while simultaneously improving their vision.

Luminopia's software algorithms present images differently to each eye, stimulating the parts of the brain responsible for vision. This cutting-edge approach encourages the eyes to work together properly, resulting in notable vision improvements within a month of therapy. Clinical trials have shown that Luminopia's compliance rate is twice as high as traditional patching methods, making it an appealing option for young patients.

Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians and neuroscientists at Boston Children's Hospital and MIT, Luminopia's dual-action mechanism rebalances input between the eyes and facilitates the brain's ability to combine visual information. Furthermore, the therapy works effectively for both new and previously treated patients, providing hope for those who have not experienced success with traditional treatments. Luminopia's dedication to scientific rigor is apparent in the extensive clinical trials conducted across the US.

These trials, featuring over 200 patients at more than 20 hospitals and research sites, have validated the safety and efficacy of Luminopia's therapy. The brand's commitment to patient adherence is also reflected in the recommended dosage of one hour per day, six days per week. Luminopia's user-friendly approach also extends to healthcare professionals.

Physicians can easily prescribe Luminopia by sending an electronic prescription or fax to the brand's retail pharmacy partner, eliminating inventory and payment concerns. Additionally, Luminopia provides patients with everything they need to start their journey, including a VR headset with access to the treatment software. With indications for children aged 4-7 with anisometropia and/or mild strabismus, Luminopia is intended to be used as an adjunct to refractive correction, such as glasses.

The brand emphasizes safety, with a low rate of adverse events reported during clinical trials. However, patients with a history of light-induced seizures or serious medical conditions should consult a doctor before using Luminopia. It is important for patients to wear their prescribed glasses under the VR headset and discontinue use if they experience any new or worsened symptoms.

As pioneers in the field of digital therapeutics, Luminopia is rooted in science and backed by a network of clinical and media partners. This innovative brand offers hope to both healthcare professionals and parents seeking effective and engaging treatment options for amblyopia. Stay informed about the latest developments from Luminopia by signing up for updates on their website


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