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ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΚΙΝΗΜΑΤΟΓΡΑΦΟΣ – ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ – ΕΙΚΑΣΤΙΚΑ – ΧΟΡΟΣ ΕΙΣΙΤΗΡΙΑ SALVADOR DALI online exhibition Άρθρα πρώτης σελίδας Salvador Dali – The Dalinean Horses – online Exhibition The DALINEAN HORSESonline EXHIBITION Jun 2024 – Mar 2025 Projects AVAILABLE τα έργα διατίθενται CONTACT Salvador Dalí (11 […] Άρθρα πρώτης σελίδας “Μεταβαλλόμενες δημοκρατίες: η ελληνική περίπτωση” Τετάρτη, 19 Ιουνίου 2024 […]


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The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is a prestigious brand that offers a range of cultural and artistic experiences. With a focus on promoting theater and the arts, the foundation organizes engaging events, exhibitions, and workshops. The Foundation collaborates with renowned artists, bringing together creative minds and fostering artistic synergy.

One of the highlights is the Theater School - TECHNE EKATO that continues its journey in collaboration with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. The school offers immersive theater education and exciting opportunities for aspiring actors and performers. The brand also hosts gripping theater productions, such as the black comedy Sergei Is Also an Idiot directed by Tamilla Kouliava, featuring talented actors like Panagiotis Bougiouris and Samuel Akinoa.

Additionally, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation partners with the GuoGuang Opera Company to showcase traditional Chinese opera performances, rich in heritage and aesthetics. The foundation also supports Greek playwrights through initiatives like the 7th Pan-Hellenic Playwriting Competition, encouraging the creation and promotion of original theatrical works. Overall, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is an esteemed brand that provides a platform for artistic expression, fosters creative collaborations, and enriches the cultural landscape


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