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The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) is an esteemed brand that brings together brilliant minds in science, medicine, education, and community engagement to address the most pressing health and societal challenges of today. At MCW, academic medicine is at the forefront, where scientists, physicians, and students collaborate with the community to ask groundbreaking questions and fuel the continuous cycle of knowledge that shapes the future of medicine. MCW offers a wide range of products and services to advance healthcare and improve the well-being of communities.

Their Medical School provides a three or four-year MD program, as well as various dual degree programs and specialized training in anesthesiologist assistant and physician associate roles. They also offer residency and fellowship programs for advanced medical training, with over 140 specialties and sub-specialties available. Additionally, MCW offers graduate programs, innovative PA/NP fellowship and residency programs, a three-year PharmD program, and continuing professional development opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Through their commitment to research, MCW drives discoveries in basic science research, clinical trials, translational research, and collaborative projects that combine science with art and writing. Their Centers are leading the way in discovery and innovation. MCW also actively engages with the community, addressing healthcare disparities, promoting population health, and driving positive change through their various community initiatives.

With their mission to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals, foster groundbreaking research, provide high-quality patient care, and improve community health, MCW is dedicated to pioneering pathways to a healthier world


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