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Metavallon is a model social enterprise that empowers and accelerates startups at their very early stages.


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Metavallon is a venture capital fund that specializes in investing in early stage technology startups connected to Greece. With an emphasis on transforming and bringing change, we provide initial funding and hands-on support to our Seed and Seed+ stage investments. For startups already in the market and seeking capital to accelerate growth, we lead or co-lead funding rounds of €1-2m at the Seed level.

Our focus is on enabling you to expand your business while we support you every step of the way. If you need more fuel to reach your Series A, we back your company in Seed+ rounds of €2-4m. As your revenue numbers grow, we open our network of professionals, corporates, clients, and investors to assist you in expanding your business.

We offer a comprehensive Seed Stage Support Stack, including co-investment with global VCs, access to support tools and service providers, business development opportunities, pilot alliances, recruiting and talent management, and guidance on structuring your exit plan. At Metavallon, we invest in a wide range of tech companies across various sectors, such as transportation and mobility, energy and cleantech, machine learning and AI, fintech and insurtech, and more. We believe that great founders and startups come from all walks of life, as long as they possess tech, talent, and resolve.

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