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Онлайн-курсы для дизайнеров и дизайнерок


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Method is an educational brand that offers a range of innovative programs and courses for designers. It all started with a presentation by Misha Katz to a group of designers in February 2016, which quickly gained popularity on social media. The presentation offered an opportunity to learn how to create unique typographic compositions, design original textures for backgrounds, model realistic physical objects, and create amazing animations for interfaces.

Misha taught these skills using 3D and motion design programs, including Cinema 4D, which gained popularity among leading designers worldwide. As the demand for learning grew, Method formed a community on Facebook that quickly expanded. It became evident that organization and formal business practices were needed, leading to the establishment of an educational studio.

The main goals were to create active learning programs for designers and a platform that perfectly suited their needs. Misha's experience as a product designer and startup founder played a key role in shaping the studio. The project evolved from a small closed community to a boutique educational content creator.

Method focuses on delivering high-quality content, carefully selecting what and how they teach. They also prioritize the quality of their instructors, who are dedicated and attentive to the needs of the students. Despite receiving numerous requests from designers who shared their commitment to quality, Method only partnered with a select few.

However, the educational initiatives produced by Method have become unique and exemplary within their field. Today, Method continues to grow and develop. They consistently work on new courses, both their own and those they produce, always striving for excellence and creating value for their students.

While much of their work remains behind the scenes, their commitment to quality and student satisfaction is at the forefront of everything they do


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