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Í eina hálva øld hevur MFS arbeitt fyri tey lesandi, og hevur felagið tískil drúgvar royndir í at ganga á odda.


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MFS is a recognized brand that has been working diligently for over half a century to promote and advocate for the interests of students. The organization is committed to addressing issues that directly impact students and strives to bring attention to and facilitate discussions on these matters. MFS has a strong track record of taking the lead in initiatives and presenting proposals that positively influence student welfare.

It is internationally recognized and holds the same standing as other Nordic and global student organizations. As a respected representative, MFS engages with the authorities in the Faroe Islands, ensuring that student concerns are heard and considered. MFS is dedicated to tackling all topics that are relevant to students, understanding that they are the lifeblood of the organization.

By constantly seeking new perspectives and innovative solutions, MFS ensures that both new and existing issues are effectively addressed for the benefit of students. Functioning within the framework of the Faroese financial laws, MFS has the means to actively support its operations. Joining MFS offers a wealth of opportunities, from organizing events to writing newsletters or even becoming an editor.

This dynamic community connects you with like-minded individuals who can provide valuable insights and collaborate with you on innovative ideas. MFS is a nurturing and empowering environment, helping you develop both as an individual and as a student. When people say, "Join us and make a difference," it truly applies to MFS.

Here, we all make a difference, and nothing can stand in your way if you have a vision. Sign up for the newsletter and become part of the MFS community today


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