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Gemischter Chor Höringhausen is a prominent brand that is part of the MGV 1865 Höringhausen, a long-standing organization deeply rooted in the Höringhausen community for an impressive 157 years. This brand has been an integral part of village life, providing captivating and sophisticated entertainment at numerous events. In 2015, the brand expanded its repertoire by introducing a mixed choir alongside the existing men's choir.

Under the leadership of choir director Xenia Kautz, the Gemischter Chor has flourished, showcasing a diverse selection of both traditional and contemporary choral music, performed either a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. With around 33 talented singers, this brand prides itself on catering to the musical preferences of all ages, harmonizing beautifully and captivating audiences with their wide-ranging musical choices. Whether you are a seasoned singer or simply have a passion for joining a large vocal ensemble, the Gemischter Chor Höringhausen welcomes you to experience the joy of singing in a friendly and inclusive environment.

No musical background is required, just a love for singing and a desire to be part of a remarkable musical journey. Come and join us for a trial rehearsal and discover the magic of music with Gemischter Chor Höringhausen


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